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Sunshine Coast Apartment


Buddina, Sunshine Coast

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Interior Decorating & Custom Artwork

With incredibly commanding 360 degree views, this sub penthouse apartment at Buddina on the sunshine coast was newly purchased by the clients. The apartment was very much in need of a complete make over and has undergone a dramatic transformation. Our focus for the design solution was to in no way detract from the magnificent views, but rather to have a concept that sat comfortably in the space as a compliment to its magnificent coastal surroundings.


The owner of this apartment uses it as their primary residence and was seeking a space that was flooded with light, clean lines, low fuss and with a sophisticated take on coastal design. The clients three main requests were: – no rooms were to be carpeted – all finishes were to be corrosion free to withstand the salt air – no bed heads in any of the rooms (as a personal preference) Only the clients existing kitchen stools, a statue of David, televisions, bedside tables in guest bedroom 1, a mirror in guest bedroom 2 and ensemble bases for the 3 bedrooms were retained. She sourced her own tap ware and bathroom supplies. All other items within the apartment were sourced by our studio.


The client had engaged an architect for the redesign of the layout and a cabinet maker for the configuration of the cabinets. She project managed her own trades. Our studio was engaged from the conceptual phase to specify: – finishes for the cabinets, – finishes for all bench tops, – window dressings and floors, – source all lighting selections (hard wired and free standing), – furniture (interior and exterior), – artwork and accessory selections for the 3 bedrooms, living, dining and foyer areas. The client did not have a fixed budget but had indicated a figure that would comfortably furnish the apartment with high quality pieces. With consideration given to the clients preference for a low fuss style, cost savings were achieved by selecting large statement pieces rather then cluttering the space with lots of accessories and furniture.


The apartment is 287 square metres with additional 36 square metres of furnished balcony.


The selected colour palette for the design in hues of whites, sandy beiges, blues and greys was borrowed from the colours of the environment in which the apartment sits, be it a bright sunny dayoverlooking the beaches of the sunshine coast or a stormy afternoon with clouds rolling in from the horizon. Throughout the apartment, a material palette of travertine floors and quartz stone bench tops, with American Oak timber sliding doors, furniture and cabinetry finishes, were used to create a design that was a sophisticated and contemporary example of coastal decorating. The Greg Natale rug in the living room and a second Greg Natale rug in the sitting room that forms a part of the main bedroom, adds a pop of colour and clean pattern to the concept, accented by patterned cushions in each of these areas. The side table and coffee table in each of these respective areas is reminiscent of coral, lending a slight coastal feel without being too cliche. In the main bedroom, 3 round mirrors give a port hole effect, and this subtle nod to all things nautical is magnified throughout the apartment with accessories made from rope, wood and coral. A custom oil on canvas of a seagull in the main bedroom was commissioned by the client of the decorator who is also a artist! The large custom concrete table with low profile bench seating, and outdoor sofa setting will withstand any harsh elements. They sit quietly in the background so that, arguably the best view on the sunshine coast can dominate.


The challenge of decorating any apartment, let alone a really large one, is the logistics of getting large size furniture up 10 floors. Timing was pivotal in that the completion of the custom concrete table had to coincide with when the stone bench tops were going in so that everything could be craned up on the same day to save on costs. The lift opens up directly into the apartment into a long narrow “foyer”. So that this tricky sized space did not go to waste, two upholstered cane chairs, a side table, statement accessories and mirror create a quiet sitting area to put your shoes on and go out and to enjoy the lifestyle that comes with living at the beach. The stucco ceiling meant that lights could only be placed where existing wiring was roughed in. Low profile, clean edged ceiling mounted fixtures were sourced as well as adjustable track lighting to provide extra light source.


Each room in the apartment has large oak cavity sliding doors which when open, creates an entire open plan apartment. The decorators felt that keeping continuity with the flooring throughout the apartment inside and out, helped to preserve this open plan impression. Motorised blinds in the living areas and bedrooms provide privacy whilst not detracting from the views and availability of 360 degree access to natural light.


A sophisticated and contemporary coastal design that sits comfortably with a backdrop of 360 degree views of the sunshine coast. The design seamlessly entwines liveability and is impressive in its austere simplicity.

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