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Items Sourced

Mirrors, Artwork, Lighting, Bed stools, Rug, Chest of draws, Cushions, Feature chair & Accessories

This bedroom features in the video on the Decorate page. It is a beautiful master bedroom in an open plan warehouse. The style of the bedroom prior to its transformation wasn’t bad but it was just tired and dated and needed a “wow” factor.

For this particular project the client requested the bedroom to be redecorated on a budget they proposed. The install took place whilst the client was on holiday. The clients reaction when they return to their bedroom after such an install, was reminiscent of something you would view on television “renovation reveal” program! Their ecstatic reaction is what we strive for no matter what the clients budget is.

This budget allowed for numerous high end furniture pieces and accessories. The bed stools were the first items sourced and became the inspiration for much of the design. A trellis style pattern was incorporated into the rug, mirror and cushions. The black and white scheme is the definition of contrast which give the room a dramatic ambience while remaining elegant and timeless.