Nundah Workers Cottage Interior Decorating Project



Jobs Performed

Interior Decorating & Colour Consulting

This particular project began with an interior exterior colour consultation. While onsite the client requested help selecting lighting and kitchen finishes as they were nearing the end of their first home renovation. Once the trades had finally left the client then requested help with furnishing and accessorising their main bedroom, hallway and living and dining rooms.

The clients on this particular project were a young family working within a firm budget. They wanted spaces that were family (child and pet!) friendly and that suited their relaxed, minimalist style. Because of their budget they did not wish to have a complete over hall of their furniture and so new furniture items were carefully selected to work in with the items that they were keeping.

Considerations to the size of the spaces were a major consideration in this project. Although reasonably large, the open plan living and dining room presented a challenge due to the placement of the the windows and doors. Consideration was needed in designing a floor plan for the furniture that would maintain a feeling of space, whilst ensuring that other factors were considered such as a comfortable amount of seating for the family and that there was adequate distance between the couch and television.