Our Office

Rochele Decorating is a proud part of the Albion community, positioned in a prominent and well-placed Brisbane location.

When you’re travelling through Albion you can’t help but notice the visually striking shopfront signposted as Rochele Decorating. Whether you’re heading to the CBD in Brisbane (15 mins away) or Brisbane Airport (just 10 mins away) or any other spot in the ‘River City’ and surrounds, it’s clear that this building has become a bit of a landmark.

The highly innovative exterior is an apt representation of the creative endeavours that go on inside. Rochele Decorating helps their clients discover their individual tastes and develop their characteristic style through interior decorating. Their process is creative, fun and inspirational – just like the community in which they are based!



Convenient Location

Albion is a vibrant and productive place to live and work. Just a hop, skip and jump to anything you might need, it provides space to grow for many forward-thinking local businesses – some of them are the best in Brisbane. There are plenty of buzzing restaurants and cool bars; plus, many hidden treasures like antique outlets/vintage shops and street art. Naturally, it’s also home to both our Rochele Decorating and Rochele Painting offices.

Local highlights include Fonzie Abbott Coffee Roasters & Brewing Company, She Bangs Coffee, Substation No 41 Rum Bar, Vanilla Pod Cake Kitchen and Studio Thrifty4. Nearby suburbs include Hamilton, Ascot, Clayfield, Hendra, Wilston and Windsor.