Stylish Bespoke Interior Decorating from Your Home

Getting an interior that wows is made even easier with Rochele’s remote service. Yes, our team can guide you through the process of interior decorating from the comfort of your own home. The service is flexible and timely, allowing you to design with expert guidance in a completely contactless fashion.

It makes a lot of sense in the current climate to channel your energy and resources into creating a home that becomes your ultimate sanctuary. If you’re a little stuck on knowing what colour scheme to pair with what textures and how to arrange all the elements just so; our friendly and professional interior designers can show you the way.

We work with your individual preferences and your budget. A stylish and luxurious interior doesn’t need to break the bank. Your fully customised concept will include your overall interior style, colours, furnishings, flooring and other finishing touches. We’ll let your own inspiration shine and bring it all together into a practical reality for you.

Every little detail is taken care of — from selection to ordering and from delivery to installation. Rochele will keep in touch remotely to make sure everything in your interior is just how you imagined it!

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40+ Rochele Colours

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We are proud to introduce an additional 20 custom colours to our unique colour range (40 colours in total). This project has taken countless hours, for our colour consultant team, to achieve and is an industry leading initiative that allows Rochele customers access to a colour palette that is available through every major paint manufacturer. Our full range of hand mixed and picked colours are available online now at our Colours Online Page.

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