New build or renovation selections

New home interior decorating

Contemplating a new residential or multi residential build or renovation can be a daunting task and its overwhelming to know where to start. Fortunately you can hand over this task to us. As professionals in colour consultation and interior decorating we can advise you on selections for flooring, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, lighting, tiling and so much more. We can help you find the perfect design style for your new home.

Working with our sister company, Rochele Painting, we’re more than happy to handle as many or as few selections as you like. During our initial meet, we will go through your plans, hear your decorating style ideas and discuss the possibilities.

Building and renovating is an expensive and timely exercise so its important to make the right decisions from the get go. We can complete the vision using our decorating service to furnish the property. Hiring a professional interior decorator who knows how to perfectly put the finishing touches in place will make your property one you won’t want to leave or in the case of resale, one that you can be confident will fetch a handsome price.