Foyers and lobbies

Foyers and Lobbies to Impress

Does your foyer or lobby lack that something it needs to create an amazing first impression? A skilled interior decorator can take a lifeless, empty space and turn it into a warm and inviting room that sets the stage for the rest of your home.

Here at Rochele Decorating, we know how to make a great first impression. By using an effective colour scheme with well thought-out lighting, we’ll highlight architectural features while opening up your entranceway. We can also suggest appropriate floor coverings, furniture and artworks that enhance the space while adding to its functionality. Once you’ve approved the finer details, we can then order items for you, store them at our warehouse and organise for delivery and installation at a time that suits you.

Using our complete decorating service is a great way to make sure that your foyer or lobby comes together perfectly in a way that’s uniquely you. And, for an extra special touch, we can also commission your very own artwork to fit the space flawlessly.