Onsite colour consultation

Interior Colour Schemes Made Easy

Instead of buying twenty sample pots to find the perfect shade to compliment your home, take the pressure off with a professional onsite colour consultation in Brisbane.

We’ll meet you at your home, rental or workplace, to look at the space and gauge your style. Based on our findings, we’ll recommend a complete interior colour scheme and provide you with charts and samples to help you visualise the final picture. We can even draw up electronic overlays of potential colour combinations to help you choose the one that best represents your personality.

You’ll also be able to chat with us about feature walls, using wallpaper to create a statement and how to highlight important architectural features. If you’ve got a favourite artwork you’d like to incorporate in your new look, we’ll help to find a colour that matches. Otherwise, we can suggest a new centrepiece to complete your interior colour scheme.

Choosing the perfect colour doesn’t have to be a stressful nightmare! With the peace of mind that comes from professional guidance, we’ll help you to get your colour scheme right the first time and even have a bit of fun in doing it!


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40+ Rochele Colours

Choose your Colour Scheme Online

We are proud to introduce an additional 20 custom colours to our unique colour range (40 colours in total). This project has taken countless hours, for our colour consultant team, to achieve and is an industry leading initiative that allows Rochele customers access to a colour palette that is available through every major paint manufacturer. Our full range of hand mixed and picked colours are available online now at our Colours Online Page.

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Wallpapers to Personify Your Style

When you hear the word wallpaper, stop thinking of your grandmother’s living room! When used effectively, wallpaper can transform your room from bleak to chic, show-off your style, make a statement or even create an interesting piece of textured art!

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