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Colour Psychology – Choosing the Right Colours

Interesting article on colour Psychology talks about how colour can influence mood and ambiance of the room. We did an info-graphics to make it easy for you digest.

Colour Psychology - Choosing the Right Colours

Adding a little colour to your life, and your home, is much more than just coordination and appeal. It also has a lot to do with your emotions. The psychology behind why you may like certain colours in comparison to others may also define the mood in your home, and it is important that the right colour for the right room is chosen.

Research from the Colour Society of Australia shows that reds, blues and whites have consistently been the most popular colours used for interiors. Deeper colours, such as reds and browns, stimulate conversations and connections; whereas lighter blues and soft greens cause one to relax and drives productivity, respectively.

With these colours in mind, your home will offer a more stimulating, yet relaxing environment – the makings of a happy home.

You can also read more on this topic in Rochele Painting’s article on How Colour Can Affect Your Mood.

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