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Clayfield Pool Design and Styling Video

Decorating and design is not just reserved for indoor areas.

See what the team came up with when designing a pool and outdoor area for an art deco style home.

Video Transcript

We are at Rochele Decorating are so proud of this project. We renovate bedrooms, we redecorate bathrooms and lounge rooms. We also have the colour consulting aspect that decorates the exterior of properties. But this space was showing what we could do if we put a bit of effort in to a pool area.

So this pool area was once a three car carport and the team got down and basically designed a premium pool space. We partnered with a pool company and have a fantastic result.

There are very few pools like this. In fact the pool company that built it had never done one with the combination of the pebble crete and tile so it is truely is unique, it truely is one of a kind.

You really are transported to another location. You don’t feel like you are in a backyard pool. You feel like you are in a special space. You feel calm, you feel relaxed. You feel excited to use the pool. All those elements come together and there are other elements besides the pool itself. The furniture was all hand picked to suit the space.

Our approach to interior decorating is to beautify a space in any way we can. I mean this space clearly needed thought. I mean if you re putting in a pool there is a lot of money being spent. So we see it as an opportunity. You could do it on a budget or you could spend a little bit more. And this isn’t a very expensive project. But at the same time just a little bit of thought a little bit of effort and some resources thrown at it and you have got something that is outstanding that changes your mood when you come to the area. That is such a powerful thing and such a value add to a place like this.

So we are really proud of the project. Its taken several months and we are just happy to show it off.

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