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Decorative Walls for Common Areas and Commercial Spaces

Decorative Walls for Common Areas and Commercial Spaces. See what the team came up with when designing a common area hallway at Rive Apartments. Often the common area of unit complexes are notoriously bland and boring. However these shared spaces provide the first impression to guests and are seen multiple times a day by the residence. It therefore makes sense Continue Reading...

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10 Decorating Tips for Going Glam on a Budget

For many of our new clients, the prospect of a professional decorating project can be intimidating. Professional interior decorating tends to elicit images of high-cost finishes, furnishings and décor items that may be out of budget. Fortunately, this is a misconception. Some of the best interior decorating projects we’ve worked on have been not only beautiful but also budget-friendly. At Continue Reading...

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Top 10 Interior Decorating Fails and How to Fix Them

Have you ever entered a room and felt like something was off? Even if the furniture is beautiful or the art is just right, if it’s not pulled together and styled correctly, it won’t evoke a “wow-factor.” So what’s the reason? It’s often because of the presence of a small, but powerful design missteps. If you’re concerned you may be guilty of a Continue Reading...

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What is the Role of an Interior Decorator and Why Hire One?

An Overview of an Interior Decorator’s Job It's common for people to be uncertain about the role of an interior decorator. It's frequently perceived that we will make multiple suggestions to remodel or go above and beyond your budget. There is also frequently confusion between the roles of a decorator, designer and architect. With this article, we aim to clear Continue Reading...

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