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Clayfield Pool Design and Styling Video

Decorating and design is not just reserved for indoor areas. See what the team came up with when designing a pool and outdoor area for an art deco style home. Video Transcript We are at Rochele Decorating are so proud of this project. We renovate bedrooms, we redecorate bathrooms and lounge rooms. We also have the colour consulting aspect that Continue Reading...

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Best Feature Wall Colours for your Property

A feature wall colour brings an extra zing into the room. With a range of Rochele’s own custom colours designed specifically for feature walls, you can emboss your interior with the personality of your choice. The colours are unique, but universal and aptly captures the style and character inherent to the southeast Queensland corner. We've endeavoured to satisfy the inclination Continue Reading...

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Top 10 Apartment Decorating Tips

Think apartments can’t be stunningly beautiful? Think again. Some of our favourite decorating projects have been in apartments, and many didn’t have a massive budget or substantial space. However, decorating an apartment can require a different styling approach compared to larger homes due to space, functionality, and the possible limitation of renting. With these constraints in mind, we created a Continue Reading...

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8 Interior Decorating Challenges & DIY Solutions

Interior decorating isn’t always easy. In fact, it’s often quite an undertaking with an array of challenges. Some of obstacles necessitate a professional interior decorator, while others are simple design tricks you can implement yourself. We list top 8 common challenges and hurdles people face when designing and organising living spaces and we provide solutions, to help you make your Continue Reading...

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