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Top 10 Apartment Decorating Tips

Think apartments can’t be stunningly beautiful? Think again. Some of our favourite decorating projects have been in apartments, and many didn’t have a massive budget or substantial space. However, decorating an apartment can require a different styling approach compared to larger homes due to space, functionality, and the possible limitation of renting. With these constraints in mind, we created a Continue Reading...

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10 Decorating Tips for Going Glam on a Budget

For many of our new clients, the prospect of a professional decorating project can be intimidating. Professional interior decorating tends to elicit images of high-cost finishes, furnishings and décor items that may be out of budget. Fortunately, this is a misconception. Some of the best interior decorating projects we’ve worked on have been not only beautiful but also budget-friendly. At Continue Reading...

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How To Pick the Perfect Colour Palette for Every Room

With so many gorgeous paint shades at our fingertips these days, it can be a challenge to narrow down which colours to choose for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and every other zone of the Queenslander home. To help ease the way, check out our top tips for foolproof colour schemes that won't let you down...for years to come. Choosing the Continue Reading...

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