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10 Decorating Tips for Going Glam on a Budget

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For many of our new clients, the prospect of a professional decorating project can be intimidating. Professional interior decorating tends to elicit images of high-cost finishes, furnishings and décor items that may be out of budget. Fortunately, this is a misconception. Some of the best interior decorating projects we’ve worked on have been not only beautiful but also budget-friendly.

At Rochele Decorating, one of our primary goals is to create a space that’s completely in line with the wishes of the homeowner style and finances. We help you create a space that’s stunning and glamorous, without a massive budget. We enjoy the creative hunt of sourcing economical items that are high-quality and gorgeous. Rochele Decorating will ensure every project is personalised to your style and cost.

10 favourite ways to create an affordable and polished design

1- Skip 2-Pac Cabinetry in Favour of a Laminex Option

2-Pac cabinetry finishes tend to be the go-to choice for high-end design projects, and cabinets are frequently one of the biggest expenses in many remodels.

However, Laminex offers an outstanding alternative. 2-Pac cabinetry refers to a finish option that includes a combination of resin-style acrylic paint with a second product: a hardener. Laminex, on the other hand, can create the same sleek or natural wood appearance, for a fraction of the cost. For our clients who want the look of 2-Pac finishing without the cost, we often suggest Laminex panels. Laminex options are abundant and include raw and finished wood-style panels, as well as a variety of neutral and bold colour choices. With this product, you can customise the look and feel of your cabinetry and stay on budget.

In our Nundah interior decorating project we achieved the look and feel of 2-pac cabinetry with the less expensive Laminex product.

Living Room

2- Swap Matte for High-Gloss

Our second glamorous and on-a-budget design tip also relates to cabinetry. As mentioned above, this tends to be one of the most expensive aspects of many interior decorating and design projects.

As with our Nundah project shown above, something as simple as going for a high-gloss cabinet finish adds chic style without the high price tag that can come with 2-Pac cabinetry. Adding an ultra-shiny paint to cabinets creates a space that’s modern and luxurious, without the expenditure splurge. In addition to our Nundah project, take a look at the high-gloss painted kitchen cabinets, featured on homelife. High-gloss cabinetry feels upscale, even if your budget is modest.

Kitchen and dining

3- Use Caesarstone Benchtops

Natural stone is undoubtedly a beautiful addition to kitchens and bathrooms, but luckily Caesarstone offers an amazing alternative that saves money. Caesarstone is a material that has gained tremendous attention in the design world. It is a quartz surface available in an extensive selection of colours and styles. It’s also a top choice because of its durability, functionality and appearance that mimics the look of much more expensive benchtop materials, such as marble and granite.

We utilise Caesarstone benchtops in many of our projects, have a view of kitchen design from Caesarstone.


4- Use Inexpensive (and Versatile) Cushion Covers

For many of our clients, there’s a desire to get the look and feel of new furniture, without purchasing all new pieces. A great budget-friendly alternative? New cushion covers. By recovering cushions, you can breathe new life into your old furnishings. It’s possible to completely update a piece of furniture without spending the cost of a new couch.

In the open plan decorating project pictured below we not only helped our clients find on-budget cushion covers that simultaneously felt stylish and customised, but we also went for options that would work well for their family-centric lifestyle. We love being able to show clients that we can help them achieve not only glamour but also functionality.

By choosing neutral primary cushion covers and pairing them with more vibrant, patterned pillow covers, the look is one that’s rich, textured and full of depth— resulting in a glamorous design.


5- Add Area Rugs

While many of our clients come to us for complete remodels, we also have a significant percentage of clients who want a refresh or an update. When we’re asked to do a revamp versus a total overhaul, one of the first places we frequently begin is with rugs. Area rugs have so many benefits, and they frequently become the room’s focal point. Rugs add colour, pattern and texture to a room while simultaneously warming it up. Rugs can change with the seasons or whenever you feel like you’d want to add a little something new.

Using an area rug is a cost-effective way to make a room appear as if the flooring has been changed or to add a new sense of style to old, outdated flooring. You can even use rugs to conceal flooring imperfections, if replacement isn’t in your budget.

In this Kenmore home, we relied on the use of rugs to delineate zones within the room and separate the lounge room into two spaces.

Another advantage of rugs? They’re functional—they protect flooring underneath and most rugs can be cleaned relatively easily.

Living Room

6- Incorporate Mirror Magic

Let’s say you have a home in which the rooms feel small and cramped, but you don’t have the budget for a complete architectural redesign. Or, perhaps your home has limited natural light, and you’d like to maximise what’s available. One of our favourite design tools? The mirror.

When placed in the right spot, a mirror reflects the surroundings and tricks the viewer’s eye into seeing more space than what is there. If you want to instantly open up the space and make it feel larger, adding a mirror is advantageous. Mirrors also reflect natural and artificial light, which can make a home feel more open and airy.

As well as the logistical functionality of mirrors, they’re also an inexpensive way to make a statement. In our ultra-glam Hawthorne design project, one of the room had less windows so we used the mirror to bring brightness and light into the room.

Living Room

7- Infuse Wall Printing and Custom Artwork

When you hear the terms wall printing and custom artwork does your mind automatically think “expensive”? In reality, custom artwork and wall décor don’t have to be budget busters. They are an important in terms of design because bare walls can feel cold, uninviting and unpolished. At Rochele Decorating, we work with our clients to source customised wall options that are one-of-a-kind and visually unique. We can also find options that are going to fit well within your budget.

Along with sourcing, we also have an in-house custom art designer that can work within our clients’ predetermined framework to design and create something fabulous, even on a limited budget.


8- Layer Furniture

If you’ve ever seen a home that looks beautifully designed and pulled together and compared it to another space that looked unwelcoming and sparsely decorated? It is not likely that budget was the problem. Often the difference between a glamorous home and one that feels mundane is a lack of depth. Layering pieces that are distinctive in shape and texture can transform a home from one that feels “undone” to one that feels as if it could be on the pages of a design magazine.

One of our favourite ways to introduce not only glamour but also the all-important sense of depth in a room is by pairing a coffee table with chic ottomans. Coupling rich upholstery and differing shapes is visually compelling in a way that using a single coffee table may not be. Not only does the living area to the left look richer and depth-filled thanks to the doubling up of ottomans and coffee table, but there’s an increased functionality through increased seating options.

The concept of mixing and matching furniture prevents a room from looking like furniture showroom floor. It lends to a personalisation and glamour within the design that most clients seek.

Decorating Tips for a Stylish Kid-Friendly Home

9- Group Accessories in Intriguing Ways

Somewhat in-line with the concept of layering furniture is the addition of accessories and groupings. Accessories are an essential component of a glamorous interior design style. Despite the importance, accessories are often either too sparsely added or too overdone. One of our goals at Rochele Decorating is to use our professional eye and experience to put together that ideal grouping of accessories, which feels neither overly understated or overwhelming.

Carefully selected and placed accessories are affordable and one of the differentiating elements between a stylish space and one that looks unpolished.

Nundah Rochele Decorating

10- Incorporate Window Coverings

Window coverings are one of the most important pieces of the design puzzle, particularly if you’re aiming for distinctive style. Whether you’re opting for shades or curtains, window coverings need to be carefully selected, but they’re also a perfect budget-friendly way to add elegance.

Window coverings need to make the most of natural light, but they can also be a useful way to infuse a bit of opulence into a room. Depending on how they’re hung, window coverings can also make a room appear larger or the ceilings higher.

Kenmore Decorating

In the picture above we used long drapes in a dark, dramatic colour. The room still maximises natural light, but the curtains make a statement. By bringing them from the ceiling to the floor, we’ve created the illusion of higher ceilings.

In the picture below, we again used long, flowing drapes. This time, the drapes are in a lighter colour to keep the space feeling airy and fresh, but still thick and full to appear rich and luxurious. Drapes are also integral to design function as they prevent light from disturbing sleep.

Art Decorate House

So there it is—Rochele Decorating’s top 10 ways you can go glam on a budget. We aim to dispel the myth that great home design and glamour are out of reach. We believe a beautifully designed home is attainable regardless of budget, with a few smart design tips and tricks.

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