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13 Hottest Interior Design Styles You’ll See in 2019

We’re more than three-quarters of the way through 2018 and designers and decorators are already discussing interior design styles for next year.

For those eager to get a head start on their decorating, here are 13 interior design trends 2019 that you can start planning to incorporate into your home right now.

1. Natural Wood

The wood look is big in 2019. Whether it’s polished wooden floorboards, stripped timber ceilings or rough-hewn coffee tables, bring in wood for warmth, and a rustic, organic feel.

One particular area of the home where wood is on trend is the kitchen. Pristine white kitchens are replaced by a Scandinavian look and feel with straight lines, and natural light wood surfaces for cabinets, pantries and fridge surrounds.

2. Curved Furniture

Furniture trends in 2019, are all about curves and soft angles, giving tables, sofas, armchairs and loveseats a more fluid shape. Curvilinear cuts are a nod to nature and expect to see bold, funky colours taking the stage. Forget boring beige, what about a curved coffee table, sofa or armchair in sapphire blue or hot pink?

3. Back to Nature

Plants are on trend for 2019, not only for the instant boost of glamour they add to a room, but for cleaning the air, we breathe. Even if you have a small space, a plant or two can instantly add sophistication and ambience.

You can’t go wrong with introducing any kind of textured or patterned leaf plants in wooden or terracotta pots. If you don’t have green thumbs, then artificial plants are the next best thing. Use fabrics, wallpapers and colours that are nature-inspired.

Back to Nature

4. Next Year’s Colours

Interior design trends 2019 are dominated by earthy colours such as warm beige, burnt orange and terracotta, offset by soothing shades of green. This trend is consistent with the aforementioned natural wood, indoor plants and plant-inspired fabrics and wallpaper.

The Dulux colour forecast for 2019 showcases a rich blend of colours for a more natural, holistic way of living.


Next Year Colour

The ‘Repair’ trend

Interior colours designed to heal and revive our relationship with nature:

  • Cinnamon Sand
  • Auburn Flair
  • Sea Creature
  • Golden Grain
  • Cornstalk

The ‘Wholeself’ trend

Interior colours to help soothe the mind and switch into relaxation mode:

  • New Life
  • Madam Mauve
  • Silver Thaw
  • Shetland Lace
  • Pinkham

Wholeself Trend

5. Statement Ceilings

Ceilings are being given some TLC for interior design styles 2019. No longer a bland afterthought, an accent ceiling for your ‘fifth wall’ adds a surprise element to a room whether it’s by colour, wallpaper pattern or type of material. The secret to a successful statement ceiling is to keep the walls and furnishings as neutral as possible.

Statment Ceilings

6. Wall Hangings

Move over framed prints and gallery walls, wall hangings are on trend for 2019. Textural wall hangings hark back to the 1970s but rather than strictly bohemian, you’ll want to bring yours into the 21st century with geometric colour blocks.

If you’re not keen on textile tapestries then perhaps a geometric statement rug? Using rugs as wall art is a very popular trend at the moment, and set to continue into next year.

7. Black Wall

Black Wall

If you’re comfortable with black as a colour then painting an entire feature wall in black won’t be too much of stretch. Whether this is in your lounge, bedroom or bathroom, consider the overall natural lighting of the room.

Black looks best in rooms with ample light to prevent the room from feeling too dark. Black also works well on interior doors to contrast white walls.

Incorporate subtle hints of black alongside earthy colours to add a sense of drama and elegance. Think pendant lighting, dinner table seating, plates & cutlery or a vase.

8. Marble Tables

Coffee, console and side tables with marble tops will be a key look for 2019 and add an element of sophistication, as well as practicality. Marble doesn’t come cheap, so keep an eye out for marble-look materials to get the trend at a more affordable price.

Marble Tables

9. Multifunctional Furniture

Downsized living, minimalism and tiny homes are all current architectural trends, so it makes sense that flexible furniture is one of the key interior design trends 2019.

Compact furniture that has multiple uses, whether for storage, working at home or sleeping is ideal for maximising the square footage of a small urban apartment or home.

10. Bar Carts

Bar carts are another multifunctional piece of furniture. They were hot last year, and they’re still on trend for 2019, according to home decor experts.

If you’re short on space, the humble bar cart can serve multiple purposes; an end table, a coffee station, bathroom storage or even a baby station. If you like entertaining, a bar cart is a perfect companion to help you serve aperitifs.

11. Aristocratic coloured metals

The trend for luxury and glamour in 2019 is expressed by incorporating noble coloured metals – silver, gold, brass or copper – into furniture, or as stand-alone pieces. This style is reminiscent of Art Deco, hailed as one of the most glamorous periods in design history.

But don’t go matchy matchy with your metals. Mesh two or even three complementary metallic finishes together for greater visual interest.

12. Retro Design

Mixing old and new never goes out of fashion either, so if you love retro furniture, then you might not want to donate it any time soon.

The secret for modernising retro furniture is to style it with 2019 interior design trends, such as mixed metals, a marble-topped table or a textured throw or cushions in trending colours.

Retro Design

13. Sustainable Fabrics

Sustainable living is front of mind for 2019, and this includes new sustainable alternatives for fabrics. When it comes to materials for soft furnishings people want a clear conscience they’re not contributing to the planet’s dwindling resources or polluting the environment.

Here are seven sustainable alternatives to keep an eye out for:

  1. Organic cotton
  2. Hemp fibres
  3. Stinging nettle fibres
  4. Coffee ground fibres
  5. Pineapple fabric
  6. Banana fibres
  7. Lotus fibres

On that note, we’ve come to the end of our list of interior design styles 2019, but don’t forget that it should only serve as a guide for the overall look for your home. Love something that we haven’t listed here? Don’t discount it just because it’s not on trend. Always decorate your space with your personal taste in mind and the things that are beautiful to you!

Inspired by these interior design trends 2019? Get in touch with our team of designers at Rochele Decorating today for all your interior decorating, visual styling or colour consulting needs.


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