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Top 10 Apartment Decorating Tips

Think apartments can’t be stunningly beautiful? Think again.

Some of our favourite decorating projects have been in apartments, and many didn’t have a massive budget or substantial space. However, decorating an apartment can require a different styling approach compared to larger homes due to space, functionality, and the possible limitation of renting.

With these constraints in mind, we created a list of 10 interior decorating tips that are sure to have a big impact in your apartment!

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1. Tailor the Scale of Furnishings

Less square footage is often the biggest concern of homeowners and renters when furnishing and decorating an apartment. Apartments tend to be smaller than detached homes, and the best way to increase the sense of space is to select furnishings that are suitable to the size of the room. Even studio apartments can be lovely spaces, as long as the furniture doesn’t crowd out a room.

Look for smaller, streamlined furniture, with profiles that are low to the ground, contemporary, simple and functional.

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2. Delineate Functional Areas

If you have a studio apartment or one with an open-concept where the living, dining and kitchen areas are combined, you can create defined areas with a specific purpose, within the larger space.

Create floating furniture arrangements with specific-use areas, such as lounging, dining and entertainment. Although an apartment may not have all of the rooms of a single-family house, you can maximise the functionality and versatility of a single room by creating micro-spaces.

When grouping furniture together, keep the accessibility and traffic flow throughout the room in mind. Design areas with clear walkways and unobstructed doors and halls.

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3. Source Multi-Purpose Furniture

In smaller apartments, it’s important to leverage the usefulness of every square inch available. To maximise usage find smartly designed furniture that pulls double duty.

A pull-out sofa can create a guest room in a one-bedroom apartment. Ottomans and coffee tables with hidden storage supply more cupboard space. Select a dining table that can be extended when necessary, but small when not in use.

There are a number of furniture companies creating multi-purpose items geared toward apartment and urban living.

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4. Bring Colour Through Art and Rugs

In some apartments, renters cannot paint the walls. We encourage clients to utilise art to sidestep this constraint and create an apartment design that feels customised and full of colour.

In addition to art, vibrant rugs quickly add colour and texture to an apartment unit. You may not be able to do much about the actual flooring, but a brightly coloured rug can conceal unattractive flooring and add a pop of colour and freshness.


5. Add Storage Space by going Vertical

Most apartments are in need of more storage space. To remedy this, go vertical. Instead of utilising valuable floor space think about moving up with your storage, with items like floating shelves and wall-hanging storage devices.

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6. Make Use of Corners

A smart solution to maximise a home’s space is to make the most of corners.

Frequently corners go unused, but they make valuable places to add seating, storage or additional design details without taking too much room in the primary and centrally located areas of an apartment.


7. Incorporate Lamp Lighting

Many apartments have built-in lighting, usually overhead fixtures. While you may not be able to change built in lighting, you can create a warm, inviting and functional lighting concept with the use of lamps.

Instead of focusing on what can’t be changed in an apartment (such as light fixtures), elaborate and make beautiful the things you can change (like lamps).

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8. Reinvigorate your Windows with Curtains

An apartment may feature small windows, or ones that are outdated and ugly. You may not be able to swap out the windows in an apartment unit, but you can change their appearance with the use of curtains, blinds or window coverings.

Use curtains to conceal unsightly window frames. To make the windows and the apartment appear larger, hang curtains from the ceiling that drape to the floor. It creates the impression that the ceilings are higher than they are.

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9. Keep the Colour Palette Light and Airy

If your apartment is short on space, a good way to open it up and make it feel larger and more inviting, is to incorporate a simple, light colour palette. If the space is incredibly small, a neutral colour palette can also work well to keep a continuation of sight lines and prevent visual breaks that can make a unit look and feel even smaller.

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10. Take Advantage of Outdoor Spaces

One of the great features of many apartments is the availability of outdoor terraces and balconies.

Maximise your use of this space and include it with your decorating plans. Look for furnishings with durable and stylish frames that will withstand the elements and extend your living spaces. These outdoor areas are an extension of indoor living areas, with the proper furnishings, they instantly add square metres to your apartment.

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Small is beautiful. With a bit of extra coordination and attention, small spaces can be incredibly charming and functional. If you would like Rochele Decorating to maximise the space of your apartment and give it a ‘wow factor’, contact us to set up a consultation!

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